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I have many interests in software development and I enjoy writing about then. As such my blog doesn't cover just one topic.

Reward mechanisms: Incentivising quality

Show me your reward mechanisms and I'll show you your problems. I've been thinking a lot about reward mechanisms, how they incentivise us and how they can be gamed. They exist to ensure we're going in the right direction, defining a win scenario as tightly as possible, and if they're poorly chosen they can lead to a company collapsing slowly over time. Like any tool they are both a blessing and curse. ## Reward Mechanisms So what is a reward mechanism? A reward mechanism is a process that encourages certain behaviours by offering a reward at the end. Exhibit the behaviour, get the reward. Typical examples are bonuses at work for r...
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Notes from Working Effectively with Legacy Code

Do you work with Legacy code? You probably do and don't realise it. IMO, if the code is over 5 years old, messy and it makes money, then it's probably legacy. Legacy code is tricky, and most of us try to avoid it, moving onto sexy new ideas and projects as time moves on. This means that we never learn to deal with legacy, and all the while, the codebase is chugging along, getting worse and increasingly expensive to change. If we don't learn to deal with legacy code, then we'll never learn how to maintain systems over time. We need to address this. That's where this article comes in, it is a collection of my notes from reading and a...
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