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I am an experienced PHP developer that specialises in:
  • Domain Modelling
  • Event Sourcing
  • TDD
  • Legacy refactoring
⇦ I am actively looking for new projects!


Talk Article Project
Using Interfaces Effectively Domain Driven Design for Everyone Else The Projectionist: System for running projectors and keeping track of their position

Last Event

PHPDublin Nov 2018 - Making your Career Happen I ran a collaborative workshop where all participants were involved in defining and exploring the current hiring landscape and how to navigate through it.

About me

I am a software developer and solutions architect from Ireland, I enjoy writing software and designing solutions to real problems.

My development/leading/training style is centered around best practices, such as automated tests, continuous integration, code reviews, documentation, clean architecture and consistent, maintainable code. I believe that a culture focussed on training and upskilling leads to a better dev team and a better product.

In my spare time I contribute to open source, write articles, give talks on software dev, and also run PHPDublin.

If you'd like to contact me about opportunities, drop me an email.

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