Talks and Workshops

I give talks and workshops on PHP and DDD topics. I enjoy discussing the concepts and sharing them with others.

Type Title Link Date Location
Workshop Event Storming Workshop: Building Noteworthy link 2019 DDD IE
Workshop Event Storming Hands on Session link 2019 DDD IE
Talk Mapping Constraints link 2019 DDD Belfast
Talk The Apocalypse Meme in Software: DDD EU 2019 link 2019 DDD EU
Workshop Applying DDD to your Business link 2018 DDD IE
Workshop Making your Career Happen link 2018 PHP Dublin
Talk WTF is DDD link 2018 DDD IE
Talk Tactical Patterns for Testable Applications link 2018 DistilledSCH
Workshop Worlds Worst Hello World Workshop link 2018 PHP Dublin
Workshop Using in interfaces effectively link 2018 PHP Dublin
Talk DDD Lessons Learned link 2018 DDD EU
Workshop PHP Test Fest link 2017 PHP Dublin
Talk Cleaning up your codebase with a Clean Architecture link 2017 Waterford Tech Meetup
Talk Design Patterns, the good, the bad and the anti-pattern link 2016 PHP Dublin
Talk Managing Expectations link 2016 PHP Dublin
Talk Building a Blog with an Onion Architecture link 2016 PHP Dublin
Talk Value-Objects link 2016 PHP Dublin