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Managing projectors is harder than you think

We've discussed the [bones of projectors in the past](/blog/projection-building-blocks-what-you-ll-need-to-build-projections), this time let's go deeper and look at how to manage them. At it's simplest a projector is something that takes in a stream of events and does some work on them, projecting them into whatever shape or operation is needed. Like anything though, there's more to it than that, lots more. That's what this article is, my attempt to discuss the complications and problems you will run into while working with projectors day to day. # Run modes Let's start simple, let's talk about the different modes of projectors a...
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Projection Building Blocks: What you'll need to build projections

Let’s talk about projections. This topic is quite large, so this is the first part in a four part series on projections. 1. **Projection Building Blocks**: What you'll need to build projections 1. **Broadcasting events in PHP**: Techniques and technologies 2. **Designing Projections**: How to design and implement real world projections 3. **Projection DevOps**: Continuously deploying new/updated projections with zero downtime If you've read my previous articles, you should have the basics of [event sourced](event-sourcing-what-it-is-and-why-its-awesome)/[event driven](
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