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Notes from Working Effectively with Legacy Code

Do you work with Legacy code? You probably do and don't realise it. IMO, if the code is over 5 years old, messy and it makes money, then it's probably legacy. Legacy code is tricky, and most of us try to avoid it, moving onto sexy new ideas and projects as time moves on. This means that we never learn to deal with legacy, and all the while, the codebase is chugging along, getting worse and increasingly expensive to change. If we don't learn to deal with legacy code, then we'll never learn how to maintain systems over time. We need to address this. That's where this article comes in, it is a collection of my notes from reading and a...
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Acceptance testing your PHP app with ease

Acceptance tests are core to any stable system, they're how you make sure it actually works, start to finish (My preference is to write them first, use them a guideline to make sure the feature I'm writing works as expected). When writing acceptance tests, it's best to treat the system as a [blackbox](, inputs go in and outputs go out, that's it. This proves our app works and can be interacted with by other systems. Some frameworks come with this built in, like [Laravel](, but not every app is written in those frameworks, infact most are not (especially...
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Notes from "Growing Object Oriented Software, Guided by Tests"

Below is a collection of notes I made after reading [Growing Object Oriented Software, Guided by Tests]( I highly recommend that developers read this book. Writing tests is hard, and using tests to write good code is even harder. It takes a lot of time and a lot of getting it wrong before you can get it right. Well, the book above explains how to do it step by step, I'm definitely a better developer for having read it. Many thanks to the code wizard that lent it to me, you know who you are. I'm posting these notes online because it's a useful reference for myself, and hopefully o...
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